Become a PurVive affiliate and earn money promoting our high quality, pure health supplements and CBD products!

  • NO Sales Requirements
  • NO Affiliate Fees
  • NO Long Term Contracts

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Each customer you refer will be tied to your Affiliate Account for the life of the customer.


Having a generous commission rate means that you can make good money from just a few sales.


You will receive a commission if your customer completes their purchase within 60 days.


Anytime a customer signs up for a subscription plan, you will earn a residual, monthly commission.


You will receive your commission payments through PayPal, the leading payments platform.


We understand that when our Affiliates succeed, we succeed. We help make that happen!


  • DO Promote PurVive On Social Media
  • DO Write About Us On Your Blogs And Articles
  • DO Create Educational PurVive Videos
  • DO Place The PurVive Logo And Banners On Your Website
  • DO Send Your Affiliate Link To Your Email Subscribers
  • DON'T Use Your Affiliate Link On Coupon & Deal Sites
  • DON'T False Advertise PurVive In Any Manner
  • DON'T Change Our Logos or Banners
  • DON'T Use Your Affiliate Link For Your Own Purchases
  • DON'T Offer Unofficial Discount & Coupon Codes


Easy! Fill out the Affiliate Application and we will check everything over. If we approve your application, you will receive access to the Affiliate Dashboard where you can get your unique affiliate link and access to our marketing materials. All you need to do is place your link and banners on your website, Blog, social media or just about anywhere!

Each time you refer a new customer to us and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission. In fact, you will be tied to that customer for life. Any time they make a purchase, you will make a commission! Forever! Even if they clear the cookies on their Internet Browser. We like to take care of our affiliates!

We provide a generous commission rate of 20% for each sale made by customers using your unique affiliate link.

The sky's the limit! With a generous commission rate, lifetime commissions, residual income potential, and all of the other awesome affiliate perks that we provide, you will no doubt have all of the tools needed for success.

However, we do NOT guarantee any level of success. Your success rests solely upon your own shoulders. How much money you can make depends a lot on how serious you take this program and how much effort you choose to put into promoting the products. Success does not come as easy to some as it can to others who make a serious effort.

Occasionally, it may take your customer a little while to make their purchase. No worries, we’ve got you covered with a generous 60 day Cookie Policy. As long as your link visitor does not clear their browser cookies, you will get credit for any purchases up to 60 days after they click on your link.

When submitting your application, we will ask you to fill in your PayPal Email Address. We will pay you directly into the PayPal account on file.

We have a 30-day refund policy on our product. Following the clearance of the purchase, we will pay you on the 15th of the month. If the 15th falls on a Weekend or Holiday, you will be paid the following Monday.

Yes. You must have at least $50 in approved commissions in order to receive a payout. If you do not meet the $50 minimum, your commissions will roll over to the next month until you reach the $50 minimum.

We offer lifetime commissions. This means that once your customer has made a purchase using your affiliate link, that customer will be permanently tied to you for as long as they remain in our system. Even if they make a second purchase using a different device than what was used for the first purchase, you will still earn a commission for that sale.

Basically, no matter where or when they make a purchase (as long as they remain in our system) you will receive credit for the sale, even if it's months later. This is a big reason why our Affiliate Program is so amazing!

Not necessarily. However, the more familiar you are with the PurVive products, the easier it will be to promote the benefits of our Health Supplements. We will provide articles and videos that you can use to help you and your customers become more familiar with our line of products.

The short answer is yes. Anyone is welcome to apply.

There are, however, a few reasons why your application may not be approved. The biggest factor is your website or Blog. If you do not have a digital property that meets our standards, or has material that we deem inappropriate, you may not be approved.

Another important factor is if your digital property does not contain the required legal pages. We require all affiliates to have a proper Privacy Policy, FTC Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions readily available to all website visitors. If you do not have these important legal pages, your application may not be approved.

We reserve the right to approve or reject any affiliate that does not meet the necessary qualifications, regardless of Affiliate Marketing experience.

Absolutely. We do NOT tolerate any type of email, SMS or Facebook Group spamming of any kind. This is very important! Sending an email, or any kind of message to those who haven't asked to receive it, is pretty much SPAM. Do NOT do it!

Affiliate accounts that are involved in any form of SPAM promotion will be shut down and will void all active or pending commissions.

Upon approval, you will receive access to your Affiliate Dashboard. Here you will be able to track all of your clicks, conversions, sales, commissions, and more. If you ever have any questions about your statistics, feel free to contact us and we will look into the issue.

Remember, it is up to you to make sure that all of your affiliate links are working properly and are pointed to our products correctly so that you will receive credit for the sales that you bring to us. We will not be responsible for lost sales due to the mishandling of your affiliate tracking links or banner ads.


Simply fill out the 3 minute form below. We will look over your application and contact you within 48 hours with our decision. If approved, you will get our Promotional Materials and more information on PurVive products.

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